2016 Talks

Featured Video: In the Activity of Compassion we Experience God

In his talk, Suhail Stephen shares about how worship and compassion are inseparable and about how in the activity of compassion we truly experience God. He explains the importance of the feeling of compassion, but also the necessity of the action that comes next.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Melisa Keller: You already know the voice of God

Brian Blount: Learning to Look, Listen, and Respond to the Holy Spirit

Luke Geraty: What to do when you meet ninja evangelism shot blockers

Q&A Panel: Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Experiencing & Worshiping God

Jerry Lanier: What happened when a militant-vegan-punk-rock kid met Jesus

Sara Carlise: I've met Jesus more in the ditch than on the mountaintop

Adam Russell: Worship is a Force Multiplier

Q&A Panel: Experiencing & Worshiping God

Reconciling People with God and All Creation

Amanda Nash: Leadership that Listens to the Voices on the Margin

Josh Williams: How Multiethnic Communities Surprise People into Following Jesus

Engaging in Compassionate Ministry

Suhail Stephen: In the activity of compassion we experience God

Mike & Sherri Harder: Letting God change our deepest shame into our greatest hope

James Choung: It is more important to be loving or to be right?

Q&A Panel: Engaging in Compassionate Ministry

Pursuing Culturally Relevant Mission in the World

James Choung