Past Talks

2016 Talks

Leadership That Listens To The Voices On The Margin - Amanda Nash

When A Militant Vegan Punk Rock Kid Met Jesus - Jerry Lanier

In The Activity Of Compassion We Experience God - Suhail Stephen

You Already Know The Voice Of God - Melisa Keller

Letting God Change Our Shame Into Hope - Mike & Sherri Harder

When You Meet Ninja Evangelism Shot Blockers - Luke Geraty

Is It More important To Be Loving Or To Be Right? - James Choung

Is The Gospel Really Good News Today? - James Choung

Multiethnic Communities Surprise People Into Following Jesus - Josh Williams

I've Met Jesus More In The Ditch Than On The Mountaintop - Sara Carlise

Worship Is A Force Multiplier - Adam Russell

2016 Panel Discussions

Q&A Panel - Experiencing And Worshiping God

Q&A Panel - Engaging In Compassionate Ministry