Our Vision

There are lots of causes worth our attention but we believe that the Kingdom of God really is the cause worth living and dying for. CauseCon is a place for young adults to explore this by connecting with leaders in the Vineyard and engaging in the story of Jesus. At CauseCon you’ll participate in TED Talk-style sessions and panel discussions and experience transforming worship and prayer. You’ll get to meet and build relationship with lots of great leaders from around the Vineyard. There will also be space for you to spend time with like-minded young adults exploring the different opportunities for you to get involved in the movement. We’ll share meals and laughter, worship together, pray for one another, and ask how God is inviting us to join his cause. Join us in Kansas City!
Transforming Worship
TED Talk-style Sessions
Connections with Vineyard Partners

Join the Journey

The Vineyard movement was started by a generation of young leaders who were eager to create a place for people to experience the the kingdom of God in a relevant way, using the scriptures as their road map. Now, just a few decades later, the Vineyard has planted hundreds of churches in the United States and across the entire world. Our movement is living proof that a generation of risk-takers can change the world. Now, it’s your turn to connect with other risk-takers and leaders, to be inspired by their stories and to engage with what Jesus is doing in the world today. We’re bringing together leaders and teams from across the movement to come alongside you on this journey. The entire Vineyard movement will be there to guide you as you press into the purpose of your life and the meaning for which you were created.