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Cause Con is an opportunity for young adults to explore what it really means to live like the kingdom is their cause. The 2018 sessions will focus on vocation, calling, and the narrow path to leadership. Attendees will get to build relationship with seasoned leaders, explore opportunities to get involved in the Vineyard, and experience powerful worship and prayer ministry times. Who do you know that is wrestling with their purpose? Who are you discipling that could benefit from a chance to interact with Vineyard leaders? Cause Con is a great way to develop leaders and inspire a generation to find their cause to live for. We want to make inviting the growing leaders in your community really easy. Below you’ll find a timeline for promotion that covers the tools we have available for your church to use.

Promotional Timeline and Resources

Postcards - 6-8 weeks before the event

Print postcards for your lobby. Download High Res PDFs here.

Select a local young adult representative - 6-8 Weeks before the event

Envision a young leader, encouraging them to invite others, and plan carpooling and any other necessary details. This person can:

  • Attend young adult small groups or young adult services to extend an invitation to the conference
  • Start a carpool sign up
  • Hang out in your lobby during Sunday services to have strategic conversations and to help with online registration

Announcements - 6 weeks before the event

Promote the Early Bird Registration of $20 savings - Ends March 12
Download an announcement draft Here
Download a slide for announcements

Programs - 6 weeks out

Program blurb: Cause Con - April 12-14 in Kansas City - Cost is $65 if you register before March 12 or $85 after - CauseCon is an opportunity for young adults to explore what it really means to live like the Kingdom is our cause. At the conference, you’ll participate in sessions about vocation, calling, and leadership and you’ll experience transforming worship and prayer. We’ll share meals and laughter, worship together, pray for one another, and ask how God is inviting us to live out his cause. ***Add in carpooling info or church specific info***. Register at

Promote on Social Media - 6 weeks out

Share the Cause Con Promo Video
Download these social media graphics and share on your facebook, instagram, or twitter
Follow Cause Con on social media and retweet, share, or repost (,,
Tag Cause Con or #cause2live4 in your posts

Emails - 5 Weeks Out

Email specific young adults who you think would benefit from the conference. Download a draft here.
Put a graphic in your email footer. Download it here.

Phone Calls or In Person Conversations - 4 Weeks out

Follow up with those you’ve emailed or had conversations with and invite them to register if they haven’t already
Send them the registration link.

Pray - 2 Weeks out through the Conference

We invite you to join us in praying for the attendees that God would speak to them about their purpose, and that they would be encouraged and envisioned to live like the kingdom is their cause.

Have any questions?

If you see something missing in our promo pack, please let us know. We want to support you in promotion any way we can. Contact us!