10 Reasons to Go to CauseCon

Reason #1:

Trying to figure out your calling is hard. CauseCon is the perfect place to get away from it all and focus on exploring God’s purpose for your life.

Reason #2friendship
You can connect with other young Vineyard risk-takers and make lasting friendships. Being a young adult who follows Jesus sometimes means you don’t quite fit in. At CauseCon you’ll find young adults who are looking for the same things you are. You’ll be a part of a community that’s encouraging you in your walk with Jesus and pushing you towards your calling.

Reason #3:

In the afternoons, you can catch a workshop led by one of our Vineyard groups, like Vineyard Worship, Vineyard Missions, Vineyard Justice Network, or Multiply Vineyard. You’ll be able to connect with and learn from Vineyard leaders who are excited to meet you. Check out the full list of partners here.

Reason #4

You’ll hear great speakers talking about Vineyard values. Suhail Stephen, James Choung, Adam Russell and many others will be giving 8 minute Ted Style talks throughout the conference and National Director, Phil Strout will be rounding out the conference with a 30 minute talk on Pursuing Culturally Relevant Mission in the World.

Reason #5

After each morning and evening session, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you have at our Q&A discussion time. You can tweet in questions for the presenters and get those answers you’ve been looking for.

Reason #6

The Worship will be amazing. Vineyard Worship is doing all the worship sessions and are recording a live worship album! There will be plenty of ministry time for you to dive into what God is doing and to get prayer.

circle-roadtripReason #7

The road trip to Kansas City will be awesome. Grab a carload full of friends, pack lots of snacks, and enjoy the scenery. You can even listen to our upcoming CauseCon podcast series on the way and get the conversation going with your friends.

Reason #8

You’ll have a little time to explore KC. It’s always exciting to check out a new city. You can meet some new people from the Overland Park Vineyard and grab lunch at a local hotspot.

Reason #9

We’ll have some fun connection events each night of the conference including a good old fashioned KC barbecue with lots of yummy BBQ and plenty of vegetarian options too.  

Reason #10

The conference is so cheap. It’s only $35 if you register before April 1 and still only $50 after that. You can even sleep on the floor at our host church, Overland Park and grab a shower at the local YMCA for $2.

Ready to register? Get signed up here