Get Ready for CauseCon

In case you missed it, we released episode 1 of our 2016 CauseCon podcast on Monday. For our very first podcast, we spoke with Jenna Stepp, Founding Director of HLI. If you didn’t get  a chance yet, take a few minutes to listen in, and stay tuned for more episodes leading up to CauseCon in Kansas City!

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The episode is 18 minutes—perfect to listen to on your commute, and packed with valuable insights. I loved how Jenna brought up our expectations and agendas for attending a conference like this, and how she redirected us to ask God for HIS agenda. Isn’t that the whole point, anyway? To join in with God’s cause?

So practically, how could we get on board with God’s agenda right now for CauseCon? Jenna gave us a few ideas and we brainstormed a few. Maybe you can help us add to this list.

  1. Let’s start praying now for the travel.

There’s something powerful in getting up from your normal spot and travelling to be part of what God is doing. Let’s seek God’s agenda for the journey, as well as the destination.

 If you are road-tripping to the CauseCon, think of the conference as really starting when you leave. In your relationships with thecircle-roadtrip other passengers, as well as everyone you meet along the way, you’re going to have lots of opportunities to bring God’s Kingdom. Start praying right now for those opportunities.

If you are flying to CauseCon, same goes for the time you spend at the airport and in your seat on the plane. What is God doing with your fellow passengers? How can you participate?

If you live in Kansas City, or you’re not going to CauseCon, would you consider praying for the ones who are travelling? You can see all the official road-trippers here. Why not pray over their routes—for safety, and for God’s presence to go with them.

  1. Unplug.

You’re creating some space for God to show up in your life by taking time out to come to the CauseCon. But what if you made space now to clear your head and heart so that you can engage at CauseCon without distraction?

Take some time each day to shut off your phone and be in God’s presence without interruption. Schedule in a little silence and reflection each day. Find a few ways to declutter your brain and tune in to what God is up to.

  1. Worship.

circle-worshipWhat if you took a little extra time each day leading up to the conference to respond to God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life that day? Listen to worship music. Go for a walk. Sing. Paint. Dance. Write. Pray. Cook your favorite
meal and enjoy it with friends. Make a worship playlist for your roadtrip (and don’t forget to listen to our roadtrip playlist). Whatever puts God on your mind and helps you to praise and honor him.

The amazing thing about this is that instead of making you sick of worship, engaging in it before hand can actually increase your ability to enter into God’s presence in worship at the conference.

  1. Come in the Spirit

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]God’s Spirit and Kingdom are available to us right now[/pullquote] I love how Jenna talked about coming to the conference already connected with the Holy Spirit—we don’t find the Spirit there. We bring it with us. That’s really the gist of this whole list—God’s Spirit and Kingdom are available to us right now. Let’s tune in to what they are doing right now. And when we come together at CauseCon, we’ll be prepared to listen and to participate in everything that God is doing there.

What would you add to this list? How are you preparing for what God will do at CauseCon?

If you haven’t registered yet only 6 more days until the price increases. Register by April 1st and pay only $35. Register here.

See you in Kansas City!